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JewTree Genealogy Research Group


  • A summary of the findings including negative findings
  • Gedcome file with the family tree if appropriate
  • Evidence to support any conclusions
  • Copies of documents (if permitted by copyright), with translations if applicable
  • Recommendations for further research


  • The parties hereto agree upon the price: $ Per Hour
  • 5-hour minimum commitment fee, payable in advance. Other charges are billed upon completion at agreed upon rate. Negative findings and unsuccessful searchers are charged at the same rate.
  • All other expenses (postage, photocopies, parking, long-distance phone calls and faxes, microfilm rentals and archival requests charges, travel, lodging, etc.) are charged in addition to the research fees.

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Balance for additional time and / or reimbursable expenses are payable upon completion of the research. It is understood that time leading to negative findings is also charged.

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